What is Google Feud game? How to play Google Feud on any device

The internet is an interesting place, not just you can learn something new, but for a number of reasons. One such thing that adds to the popularity of the internet is Google Feud. It is an interesting online game where you can get a glimpse of Google’s AI, and how it suggests search results based on a small part of a keyword. Google Feud online game doesn’t require the installation of any app, and you can enjoy the game on any device.

What you just need to enjoy Google Feud, is a working internet connection, and once you have that you are ready to go. Besides guessing how Google autocompletes keywords, the Google Feud game or other games like Google Feud can be a great way to spend your leisure time, and at the same time, improve your IQ in some way or the other. Today, on InkedFreedom, we will have a look at the game, or in simple terms, how can you get hands-on the Google Feud game.

What you simply have to do is, search for Google Feud on Google, and there will be several websites that host the Google Feud app or the Google Feud game on the website.

I am not promoting any particular website, however, ‘https://googlefeud.games/’ is one place where you can play the Google Feud game.

After you visit the website, you will see an interface like the one shown below. You have to choose a topic from among People, Culture, Questions, or Names. You can also go with a random topic.

After I have selected ‘Questions’ here, a phrase containing a small part of a question will be displayed. You can choose any other topic as per your wish. You simply have to guess are the search suggestions Google will display.

Every time you guess a correct suggestion, you can get some points, and after all the unsuccessful guess works, you will lose, and all the search keywords will be displayed. Ultimately, you will then have to restart the game with a new topic.

To see the Google Feud answers, all, or the 3 guessing chances should be exhausted, and that is the catch, which brings about excitement within the game.

The Google Feud online game is really fun to play, and if you are really addicted to the game, want to play the game anytime and every time, you can download the Quigle app from the Google Play Store.

After you start the game, you have to choose ‘Play Feud’, and then choose a category to start playing. 

I didn’t find any official Google Feud game online by Google, however, the concept of the game is nice, and personally enjoy playing the game in short breaks at work, or simply when I feel like enjoying it.

So, that was all about, how you can play Google Feud on any device, and also with the Quigle app on any Android device. Have anything to say? Feel free to comment on the same below.


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