How to change the keyboard in Android? Should you change it anyway?

Thanks to the open nature of Android, we can easily switch between launchers, icon packs, and other essential system components effortlessly. Another thing that you can easily switch on your Android that directly impacts your productivity is the Android keyboard. While most keyboards these days have similar functionalities, there can be several reasons you want to switch to a keyboard of your choice. 

That said, today on InkedFreedom, I will talk about how to change the keyboard in Android. I will not emphasize how to set up individual keyboards, as most keyboard apps will easily guide you through the process. Basically, I will discuss, how to change the Android keyboard, considering you have different keyboard apps installed on your Android system.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with how to change the keyboard in Android.

How to change the keyboard in Android from Settings?

While the option to change the default keyboard in Android is present in the Settings menu, based on the OEM, you can find it under different options. but in the majority of handsets, you can find the option within System settings.

Simply navigate to System settings > Keyboard & input method, and you should find the options here.

In the case of a modern Samsung Android handset, you can find it under General management > Keyboard list and default (in One UI 5.0 based on Android 13)

Once there tap on ‘Current keyboard’ or ‘Default keyboard’ in the case of Samsung. Here you can find all the keyboards that are installed and recognized by Android as a keyboard. 

Just select the one to your liking in the list of keyboards that appear.

How to change the keyboard in Android while typing?

While you are typing, you can be lost while going through all the steps. So, if you are currently typing, simply tap on the keyboard icon in the corner. This should appear while you are typing, on most handsets, unless there’s some hard-to-find setting preventing it from appearing.

Now, just select the keyboard of your choice.

Using this quick method, you can easily switch keyboards and enjoy the unique features of every keyboard app without leaving the current app.

Now that you know how to change keyboards, should you frequently switch keyboards? Let’s have a look.

Should you frequently change your Android keyboard?

Now that you know how to change the keyboard in Android, should you make your switch? First things first, most keyboard apps available for Android offer the same functionalities, as you will basically use them merely for typing. Talking about some enhanced features, most of the popular Android keyboard apps have the Clipboard history feature to paste things copied long back. You can also get the emojis with a tap, or the number bar at the top.

If you use these enhanced features often, switching between keyboards will impact your productivity as your typing speed will be impacted. It is simply because the key spacings might change, and all the advanced features might not be available in the same spot as they used to be in the previous keyboard app. While you will perhaps get used to the changes within a day or two, it comes at the cost of injuring your productivity.

But some Android apps have unique features that are indeed useful and practical in everyday situations. One such example is using the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard that will automatically sync the clipboard between your Windows PC and your Android. So, if you use a Windows computer this nifty feature will make your workflow smoother.

While you can find several keyboard apps on the Google Play Store, it is not that every single keyboard app is trustworthy. There are keyboard apps that steal your banking details, and login credentials simply by offering some cheap customization and theming options.

Finally, unless there’s a specific feature in a particular keyboard that you want to use, switching to a new keyboard app hardly makes any sense. It is simply because you are already accustomed to a specific keyboard app beforehand. Still, that was a small tutorial that you can find handy if you intend to change the keyboard app for some reason or the other.

So, that was all about how to change the keyboard in Android. Do you have any questions in your mind? Feel free to comment on the same below.