How to play Road Rash on Android? The iconic game of the 90s in your pocket. Step-by-step guide

Unlike playing games on our computers, today we can enjoy addictive and graphic-intensive titles right on our smartphones. But 90s kids have played games like Road Rash that might not be as good as today's standards, in terms of graphics or gameplay elements, but we still love playing such games for the simplicity such games have to offer. 

The smartphones in our pockets today are far more powerful than high-end desktop PCs of the last generation and hence, these devices are competent enough to play Road Rash. But due to platform limitations, we can't apparently play iconic games like Road Rash on our smartphones. However, there is a way to not just run Road Rash but most other iconic games on our smartphones. That said, today I will talk about a way for Road rash download for Android and to run Road Rash Android. 

So without any further delay, let's get started with how to play Road Rash on your Android. 

Step 1: Downloading ePSXe

Get started by downloading the ePSXe for Android from the Google Play Store. ePSXe is a PlayStation emulator for your Android. We will need that here.

It is a paid app and is available for around INR 210 in the Store. 

Step 2: Downloading or using an existing Road Rash image

Now you have to download or use an existing Road Rash Playstation ROM. 

To make it clear, the Road Rash PlayStation edition is similar to the PC edition, and hence you won't miss those childhood days. 

If you don't have the game image, you can download the Road Rash Playstation ROM by visiting the following link.

InkedFreedom, in no way, promotes piracy. The link herefor Road rash download for Android is hosted by a third party, and you can use the link to download the image, as it is not possible currently to purchase a Road Rash PlayStation edition.

Step 3: Extracting the game archive

If you download the ROM from the given link, it will be downloaded in 7z format. 7z is a type of archive, and you can find the file in the Downloads folder of your Android. 

You can either extract the contents using any app like WinZip, WinRar, 7Zip, PeaZip or any other archive extractor on a PC, or alternatively, you can use any zip extractor app available on your Android to extract the 7z file.

I am using ZArchiver here, but you can use any similar app of your choice. 

After you download the app, and allow the necessary permission to access the user files on your Android, you have to navigate to the Downloads folder within ZArchiver. 

You should find the Road Rash 7z file. Just tap on the file, and hence tap on 'Extract to ./<Archive name>/'. 

Wait for some time till the extraction is complete, and once done, you can find the Road Rash sub-directory in your Downloads folder. 

Step 4: Playing Road Rash on Android

Now, open ePSXe, and tap on the ‘Run Game’ button. 

Hence, tap on the ‘+’ button on the next blank screen that appears.

Navigate to the folder where Road Rash is present, i.e., the Downloads folder, and when you are inside the Road Rash folder, tap on, 'USE THIS FOLDER'. 

When the game is added, tap on the Road Rash game, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Within a while, you should have Road Rash running on your Android. 

You have all the iconic and classic game modes like the Thrash mode, Big game mode, and all others just like it was in the 90s. 

You can use the onscreen controls, however, I will recommend you use a game controller for seamless fun. 

Besides Road Rash, you can also enjoy a handful of other PlayStation games on ePSXe, and even though I haven’t tried other games, Road Rash runs very smoothly on ePSXe, to say the least. However, the real performance will also depend on the handset that you are using. For a modern mid-range Android phone Road Rash on ePSXe is fun to play.

So, that’s all about Road rash download for android and how to run Road Rash on Android using ePSXe. Do you have any questions regarding the topic? Feel free to comment on the same below.