Best 8 AI tools you should use to make your job and life simpler

Riding the AI wave is the next big thing to land on a wonderful career filled with incentives. But if you can't tame the wave, you will land miserably, and hence you must know which tools to use to at least get started. That said, today I will talk about some of the best AI tools you must use. Some might be paid, but you can always harness a small power of it to use it in the long run, and test its capabilities for free.

So, let's get started with the best AI tools you must use in 2024.

If you struggle to remove unwanted elements from your photos this is the perfect tool for you. No Photoshop or pesky websites with half-boiled abilities. Simply select the image and use the brush to remove the unwanted elements and you are good to go. With the free version the resolution is capped, however, there is a three-day trial to help you test its abilities.


While it is easy to write down simple formulas for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and it caters to most situations, it can easily get complicated if you want to deal with complex data sets or have a tangled objective. But with Formulagenerator, you can ace it all. Explain your problem in Formulagenerator by being as precise as possible regarding the cell values, rows, and columns, and the tool will be ready with the formula that you can simply copy and paste.


With smartphone cameras getting better every passing day, old photos can easily look dull on our modern devices. No longer with Letsenhance. Simply select the photo that you want to enhance and see the magic. That tool uses a process called Super-resolution, which is a model that is trained using high-definition photos. With the free version you cannot select photos higher than eight megapixels, and there are restrictions when it comes to how beautifully you can edit the photos. But if you simply want to upscale your old photos and make them look better, the free version is all you need.


Do you want to create a presentation with videos for your clients in a short period? I know how difficult it can be to collect stock footage and create the video you want. With Lumen5, you simply need to write what you want, in short, along with some additional details and the video will be ready in a matter of minutes. Trust me, it will be hard for anybody to understand it wasn't your hard work. You can easily swap the designs the way you want, and make them look and feel exactly the way you and your clients want.

How many times have you struggled to remove the boring background from the selfies, or other photos? While you can easily remove the background of photos easily with several apps available and websites, you can save your precious time with Simply add the photo and see the magic within seconds. Not only that, you can also replace the background with something more interesting. However, Still isn't completely perfect, and you might need to do some more edits to remove small parts of the background that are not recognized by the AI.


Some meetings can be lengthy, and you often need to take notes, during the whole meeting. However, you can feel monotonous at times, and there is nothing wrong with humans making errors by missing out on important points. With OtterAI, you simply need to record the whole meeting and let AI mark the important points for you. How cool is that? With the free version, you can import or record up to three meetings or you can upgrade for unlimited imports and records.


If you are working in tech support, you already know how difficult it is to explain things, or how to get things done to customers. With ScribeHow, an AI-based Chrome extension, your job will become easier as you can easily screen record the steps, and let AI generate step-by-step instructions to share easily. This is not helpful for every other user out there but can be helpful for many users and for all users at some point of time.


Copywriting can be a stressful task, and the expenses involved in hiring copywriters for a small company can easily pile up in your books. With WordAI, it is possible to change the structure of the sentences and describe the existing ideas in a different way, which are rudimentary building blocks for copyrighting. Additionally, WordAi Will also improve the readability, of the texts which will help improve overall quality that is often dystopian in copywriting

So those were some of the best AI tools that you should start using now and get a head start in your new career or achieve newer milestones in your existing job.

Do you want to add any other great AI tools that everybody should use? Feel free to comment on the same below.