Demystifying Mindgrasp AI: A Beginner's Guide to Analytical Excellence

With new AI tools emerging almost every day, some are creating vibes only among enthusiasts, while others are neat and people use them to optimize their regular workflow. While most people use ChatGPT for both generative and analytical tasks, regular generative AI apps are often not intended just for analytical purposes. 

The ability of ChatGPT is limited to text and sometimes it is possible to share files or ask it to generate images, which is far from perfect. Thanks to Mindgrasp AI to bridge this gap, as no matter what type of content you want to summarize or analyze Mindgrasp AI covers most of it. Today I will talk about what is Mindgrasp AI. Besides that, I will also give a short Mingrasp AI review, and discuss what you get from this relatively new AI entrant.

What is Mindgrasp AI?

Mindgrasp AI is an AI tool as you already know by now that can analyze subjects to deliver summaries, and different other results relevant to the input. Besides helping you deal with contents and summarize them, Mindgrasp AI can also double as a generative AI tool just like ChatGPT or other generative AI tools.

With Mindgrasp AI, you just need to enter the text, which is the most basic one, or choose a specific file type, a document, audio or video file, and Mindgrasp AI will be ready with all the recipes you want to serve on the plate.

Now that you know what is Mindgrasp AI, here’s more about it

Features of Mindgrasp AI

After you login to Mindgrasp AI, the Mindgrasp AI dashboard will offer different ways to submit content, like you can directly enter text, upload a file from your PC, paste a link, or use a live video.

All the options available on Mindgrasp AI dashboard are self-explanatory.

After you get started with some content, Mindgrasp AI will take some time and once ready, you can get a short summary, smart notes, Flashcards, and quizzes. I will be discussing each of them in a giffy. 

In the Mindgrasp AI, you will find the following results, after a content is submitted.

Short summary

This is self explanatory. You will get a short summary of what the content is all about in the language the actual content is

Smart notes

This is a noteworthy feature of Mindgrasp AI. On submitting a subject, Mindgrasp AI will create small notes describing every single point within the input. This is a great feature, for a variety of purposes, say if you are preparing for an exam, job, or simply you are trying to learn something new by decluttering the whole content. This can also be a very useful feature for scholars and researchers, as they can save a lot of time they would have spent by creating notes. 


Flashcards are short explanations of every element present in the source. Flashcards are questions and answers related to the topic, or it can even be an explanation of the terms present in the topic submitted by the user. All these makes it easier to understand the subject minutely, and this eventually makes it great for researchers and students. Flashcards will be generated automatically, however, you can also manually create flashcards using Mindgrasp AI.


This is again self-explanatory. Based on the topic, some questions will be asked that will test your knowledge in the specified subject. Again this can be great if you are learning something, like you are a student, scholar or a researcher. If questions are asked based on a subject you can not just test your knowledge, but this can also help you identify the important points related to the subject that are worth knowing.

Mindgrasp AI price

Talking about Mindgrasp AI price, it is not another free AI tool in the town. None of the features are offered for free. However, you can get a free trial of 4 days before you pay for the basic plan that is priced at $5.99 per month, and billed $71.88 per year. The Scholar plan is priced at $8.99 per month, and billed at $107.88 per year, and the Premium, which is the highest tier plan, is available at $10.99 a month, billed at $131.88 a year.

With the Scholar plan, you can get an AI math expert that offers step-by-step explanations for the questions you ask, a Chrome extension, and you can import live recordings of 5 hours a month. 

The premium plan offers everything along with the ability to upload upto 10 files or import up to 10 links at a time.

The Mindgrasp pricing is set keeping students and scholars in mind, however, it can also be great if you are preparing for an exam, or are a professional.

A brief Mindgrasp AI review

As of now Mindgrasp AI still needs improvement. You can sometimes find Mindgrasp AI not working. The summary and smart note features work great. But sometimes the flashcards might look irrelevant in different subjects, and the user has to choose the number of flashcards up to a maximum of 20 that should be generated. Mindgrasp AI should analyze the subject and generate an adequate number of flashcards that cover the whole subject.

Mindgrasp currently supports 36 languages including Hindi, and if you try submitting content in any unsupported language, you won’t get results that will be useful. One problem I found is, that if you submit content in a specific language, and later want to translate it to any other supported language, it won’t work.

The same goes if you ask questions. Mindgrasp AI will answer the questions based on all the inputs provided by the user or online, which can be set using a filter. That sounds great, but if you are writing generalized prompts like ‘Translate it to English’, or ‘What the writer has to say’, the results won’t satisfy you.

Sometimes users find Mindgrasp AI not working, it is basically due to some problems at the server end. Furthermore, uploading even small files of a few kilobytes, or parsing a link takes an eternity. All these are some problems that should be fixed in the coming days.

So, that was all about what is Mindgrasp AI, and all that you should know. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.