How to save Google Sheets as PDF on web and Android

Google Sheets is currently one of the finest spreadsheet programs to edit sheets on the go, along with several data management features that other programs like Microsoft Excel have to offer. But if you want to share the sheet with someone, you have to share the link to the sheet, and can also maintain the permissions to revoke access to users who have the link to the sheet. 

But one of the best ways to share a sheet in Google Sheets for one-time viewing is to share the Google Sheets file as a PDF file. That said, today I will talk about how to save Google Sheets as PDF so that you can send the PDF file effortlessly through email, WhatsApp, or any other electronic means.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with how to save Google Sheets as PDF and share it in the most effortless way.

Save Google Sheets as PDF on Google Sheets website

Open the sheet that you want to create a PDF of, or create a new sheet based totally on your specific requirement.

Once there, click on the ‘File’ icon in the menu bar, hover over to ‘Download’, and among the many options available, click on ‘PDF (.pdf)’, as shown in the screenshot below.

Here, you can find numerous options to save Google Sheets as PDF with all the exact options that you want. Here are a few options that you should know about.


In the ‘Export’ menu, you can choose the part of the sheet that you want to print.

By default the ‘Current sheet’ starting from cell A1 to the cell that is edited last will be selected for conversion to PDF.

You can also choose ‘Workbook’ to save all the sheets in the specific file to PDF.

You can select specific cells, and hence select ‘Selected cells’ to only convert those cells to PDF.

Paper size

Here, you can select the paper size, which is by default set to ‘Default’ i.e. 8.5 x 11 inch. You can either select any of the size presets, or go with a custom one.

Page orientation

Here you can switch between landscape and portrait modes.


In the ‘Scale’ options menu, you can select the scaling options. It means, you can organize the contents on the page by making the page contents smaller or bigger. Just try the different options available, or simply set the scale to any percentage value.


In the ‘Margins’ area, you can set how efficiently you want to use the paper for printing. By choosing ‘Narrow’ margins, you can use most of the page for printing, with minimum margins, ‘Wide’ will leave more space empty, and if you want custom margins, you can also do that using ‘Custom numbers’ from the drop-down menu.

So, those were the basic things that you should definitely understand when you want to save Google Sheets as PDF.

There are several advanced options, like you can set custom page breaks, to remove unnecessary elements from the PDF, whether to save the notes, header and footer texts, etc. You can also decide whether you want the frozen rows in all the pages, page numbers, date, and other elements.

Once you are done setting everything to save Google Sheets as PDF, click on ‘Export’.

You can find the PDF file in the ‘Downloads’ folder, or any other location that is set as the default folder for all your downloads. It is also possible to select where to download the PDF file, based on your system’s download settings.

Save Google Sheets as PDF on Android

If you want to save Google Sheets as PDF on Android, simply open the spreadsheet on Google Sheets for Android, tap on the triple-dot icon, and hence tap on ‘Share and export’.

In the next menu, tap on ‘Save as’.

Among the several options, tap on ‘PDF document (.pdf)’, and then hit ‘OK’.

Wait for some time, and you can see the saved PDF file. Just save it or share it effortlessly. You can use the small download button to download the file, or tap on the triple-dot icon on the top right corner of the UI, and hence tap on ‘share’ to use any app to share the PDF with your Gmail contacts.

If you are wondering, there aren’t enough options to customize the page just like you have on Google Sheets for the web. But still, it can help you get the job done.

So, that’s how you can save Google Sheets as PDF on the web and the Google Sheets Android app. Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on the same below.