Top 10 free game downloads for PC from Steam

You had a dream of building your own gaming PC, and now it has come true. But, if you don’t have some games in your Steam library, what is the new PC for! Purchasing AAA titles right after building a new PC can make a big hole in your pocket, however, all the free games on Steam aren’t crap. 

But how to find the free gems on Steam? I have done the hard work for you, and here are the top free game downloads for PC available on Steam. Based on the genre, you can either grab em all or simply download the ones that you will love playing.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started with the top 10 free game downloads for PC from Steam.

Disney Speedstorm

Arcade racing is one of my favorite niches in racing games, and Disney Speedstorm is a free title by the developers of Asphalt, the popular racing title for mobile devices. Disney Speedstorm offers seamless controls across stunningly colorful tracks, and if you love Mario Kart, you will love playing Disney Speedstorm with all the Disney characters you love. Besides single-player, you can play Disney Speedstorm in four-player split-screen mode, and you will discover more dynamic contents when you start playing Disney Speedstorm.

World of Tanks

Love action games and want to experience the true heartthrobs in a battlefield? If so, World of Tanks is a free game for you, where you can compete with players across the globe and establish supremacy over your opponents. On World of Tanks, you will initially get 5 different types of tanks to battle with your opponents, and new content is also added to the game from time to time so you are not bored.

Supremacy 1914

If you are interested in history, Supremacy 1914 is a strategy game where you will have to play as a country that was a part of the First World War. In multiplayer mode, you can play with upto a maximum of 499 players, and the only way to achieve victory is correct strategy and planning. Just like that of the real World War, the resources available to you will depend upon the country you represent, and you need to use the resources, think strategically and win the matches.

Call of Duty: Warzone

If you have already played any game from the Call of Duty franchise, you already know how action-packed Call of Duty is. While the mainstream Call of Duty games are paid, Call of Duty: Warzone is totally free to play, and you can enjoy it on other devices too, making it cross-platform compatible. Unlike other Call of Duty games, Call of Duty: Warzone will feel similar to the gameplay of other FPS games like Apex Legends. You must give this game a try if you want to experience a glimpse of Call of Duty for free, packed with multiplayer gameplay abilities.

Overwatch 2

You might already know about the game, Overwatch 2 is available for free on Steam. This is the successor of the previous game, Overwatch, and you can choose any character from the previous game to fight your opponents. Just choose the best hero based on the loadouts, and create your own strategy to win. Overwatch 2 offers great graphics, and stunning gameplay action, making it a must-try if you love playing action-packed futuristic FPS games.


Sheepy might not occupy you for hours, but if you love to play rogue-like 2D games, you must try Sheepy. The objective of the game is to guide a small plush sheep to its destination. Just like most other similar games, the difficulty-level will increase the more you play with every level, and face the boss-fights in subsequent levels. Sheepy must be on your Steam library if you are looking for a time-pass just after you get your new PC.

KartRider: Drift

Mario Kart isn’t available for PC, however, you still play KartRider: Drift to get the same pinch. The game features great and colorful graphics, just like Mario Kart, however, the game is mostly about the ability to drift. Driving is simple, as well, and drifting, which is one of the key elements in the game, is simple too. If you are into combat racing, you must try KartRider: Drift. You will love it.

Destiny 2

If you are looking for a futuristic FPS game to play on your new PC, Destiny 2 is worth trying out. While there are other similar FPS games available for free, like Apex Legends, you might think, why play Destiny 2 in 2024. But the gunplay mechanics is exceptional in Destiny 2, and hence, you must play this game. Just like most other FPS games, you won’t run short on game modes either. Among single-player, co-operative, and competitive multiplayer modes, choose the one that matches the best with you.

Deep the Game

Another rogue-like adventure game, Deep is a must-try if you love spending time playing similar 2D games. The gameplay is simple to understand, however, it is hard to master. With increasingly difficult levels, you have to fight with bats, slimes, and other perils, after you are lost in a big pit, and you discover a network of caves underground. This is a great free game to play on your new PC, and it also supports a controller, just like most other games in the list.

War Thunder

If you have played World of Tanks, War Thunder takes it a step ahead by introducing fighter planes, along with tanks. War Thunder brings the real war machines from 1940 and gives you the ability to indulge in both air and land battles. New elements are added to War Thunder from time to time making it the number one free action game on Steam. Currently, it is also possible to play naval battles involving warships. So, you will always get something new once you start spending hours in the game.

Games like PUBG, Apex Legends are the most common ones, and chances are you have already downloaded them, or you already know about those games. I tried keeping games across all the popular genres so that you can pick the one based on your gameplay abilities and desires.

So, that was my list of 10 top free game downloads for PC from Steam. Do you have one more to add? Feel free to comment on the same below.